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What I like about your character...

Thu Mar 19, 2015, 8:58 AM
Comment below and I'll pick a character of yours that I like the most and I'll write what I like about them! (keep in mind that if I can't figure out where you keep them, I'll look for the most recent one you have)

I will only add you if you first make one of these journals and include one of my characters in it, and so on SPREAD THE OC LOVE, PEEPS! Non-this " I don't do tags/memes" bs this time.

Al-Cube51 Vora: - New and Improved Vora by Al-Cube51Alrighty, I may have some bias here, BUT! In my defense This lady-bot has a seriously bad-ass attitude and the back story to match. Not to mention the awesome design. I mean just look at them wings! they neat~

GlassFeline  Surreal2015 by GlassFeline I'm a sucker for things that are a cleanly distorted, and an entire character based off this theme is just fantastic. Dimension  jumping + distraction and only add up to good things. 

MelCairoRose Whimz EGoing To Work by MelCairoRose I think I've said something about this guy before... But I couldn't recall where (if I bad) This guy really peaked my interest. Not sure if it's the mask or the shadow like figure behind him, but this is a really interesting character that I wasn't able to find much info on. 

sarahowen97 Eric- Eric by sarahowen97 "Eric is a chromokinetic (colour manipulator) from the future where expressing creativity and imagination is illegal. He is a revolutionist and creates graffiti by changing the colour of walls. He alludes the authorities by using his wristwatch, which is a teleportation device." HE MAKES PERMANENT GRAFFITI, GUYS. That's so neat, it hurts. On a different, yet still related note, just looking at Sarah's style, her comic(s) is sure to come out colorfully amazing! For more detail, check out her post ,Revolutionist

 Diyaru4500 Vicis  Nelumes-Mizani - Vicis Nelumes by Diyaru4500 Hailing from the Realm-of-Mizani Vicis really perked my interest. Her demon abilities are interesting and the demon limbs and third eye are a nice touch. I'd love to see this lady in action!

gungriffon-geona Mister Eye and Velar- Mister Eyes and Velar by gungriffon-geona You say you're scared to work on their story. Which is saddening because these two caught my eye almost immediately entering your gallery. They are so different compared to your other bots  and rather mischievous looking. I'd love to see what kind of trouble they'd get into.

crazyshiro Jean Baudin- Anachrons NPC: Jean Baudin by crazyshiro Probably one of the most creative designs to show rot/decay. I can't stop looking at this design, it's so cool! By far my favorite from you. But to top it off I love how lazy he is. Big, scary clear elephant and all it want to do is eat. 

Croshin117 Tira-  Origins, Chapter FiveKarec continued his work on the samples Silanna brought in, running genetic testing on the plant life. It had been a couple cycles since their excursion on the planet, and the two of them hadn’t spoken much. Vilsid and Tira had gone outside themselves a time of two and had loved it.
Vilsid’s imprint form, a creature called a Cetzix, was adapted to this new terrain.  In structure, he was similar to Karec’s Tevar, but had a shorter muzzle and a thick mane of fur around his head.  He also had claws on his fingers and toes, using them to dig into the dirt to extract mineral samples.  Vilsid was enjoying doing field work, getting into the ground like his Imprint was want to do, much like Karec and hunting.
Tira however, had been helping with taking air samples. Her Imprint was a Pholec, a fire generating winged animal. Most Walerians didn’t get this ability, but Tira did. She could set her entire body aflame without hurting herself while in Imprint. Mu
 They way you described her with white/gold feathers and her ability to light herself on fire put an absolutely breath taking image in my head. Her outward beauty mixed with her carefree attitude gave me an instant liking to her. 

helios485  Michael, Bringer of Light by helios485 Angels and robotics. You can't go wrong with that combination. Though the addition of the electric based attacks just makes him all that much better

Jazz-Rhythm She is a Witch by Jazz-Rhythm Violent and destructive but at least mindful of it. I love how dark this character is, wearing the skull and feathers of her companion, morning in her own space labyrinth. It's just flat out beautiful and violent.... I wanna see her rip someone apart.... 

0SkyKat0 Silbots-MORE Smiley Slime Bots by 0SkyKat0 Why is there no info on these???? They're so cool looking, and the green one's name is O.U.O. This interests me greatly~

MarumiNekochan Michiko-Michiko AA reference by MarumiNekochan Imma be bias on this one. I've loved this character since the hay days of TOR and it was really nostalgic to see her in AA. I would have loved to see how she would have handled the rounds with Harrison But honestly, I'm more existed to see her own comic!

SEVMD ID- [OCT NPC]Identity [God] by SEVMD THE SASS~ But seriously, Everything from the design to the personality of this one is just so interesting and creative!....Sassy god..... It was very hard not to enter this oct because of this character.....

ScytheVale Cain-Your Inner Nightmare by ScytheVale Violence and class. That sharp toothy thing over there turns into a handsome devil on a man... I like the pile of eyes and teeth better..... I'd love it better if he'd rip something apart. 

SHADOWFAN996 Macro & Micro-Macro and Micro by SHADOWFAN996 Despite not knowing much about these characters, I got really excited when I found them in your gallery. Not really sure why, nostalgia hit hard though. I would hate to be on their planet though. That that changing psychedelic sky would make me sick. XD

Done for now. I'll come up with a different thing here soon.


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Which is better...? 

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Schizo! Gratz on making it to Round 4! :D BRING IT ON HOME!!
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Yooo! Schizo check it out! This robot kinda looks like Harrison!…
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