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August 9, 2012
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TOR: Digger and Harrison by Schizobot TOR: Digger and Harrison by Schizobot
The information on this sheet is outdated and will be deleted once I'm out of Angels Ascended.  If you're and AA competitor, do NOT use the info for Harrison here. You may still use Digger's if you need/ want too. I should have written this earlier but i forgot... sorry.  


Name: GraveDigger
Nickname: Digger
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Height: 6’0
Weight: 138

Personality: (ENFP)
-Digger enjoys being the center of attention. Good or bad, she’ll take it.
*She may love attention, but people, in general, tick her off.
*On her planet/time, Digger was a serial killer and a cannibal (leaving bodies is wasteful) . So, yes, she is a tad "out of it".
-Is always planning ahead. Not because she should but because she is lazy and planning head allows her to plan the easiest route.
-She has a tendency to let her wants out weight her needs.
-Digger never acts very serious.
-She does stuff when it’s convenient, not when it should actually be done.

-Screaming/ crying. She can’t stand the sound. It gets “stuck in her head” and she will become increasingly more aggressive, attacking anything and everything, just to make it go away. Harrison knows how to calm her down. (Ie. Go see Harrison)
*I put this as a weakness, because she often ends up hurting herself pretty bad as well as everyone else.
-Doesn’t actually know any fighting styles. Which can lead to her hurting herself, tripping, falling, running into things and missing the target completely.
*She makes up for this by being a dirty fighter, and therefore unpredictable.
-Magnets. Because most of her inner body is made of cybernetics, magnetics and EMPs can mess with them. Making her sick, paralyzed, or pass out. In extreme cases, she could die.
* It has to be a pretty powerful one. A fridge magnet won’t do any significant harm.
-Strong Electrical shocks: Again, Digger is made of computery stuff.... there will be a problem if she gets hits with a high powered electrical attack.
*Depending on the strength of the attack, this could also charge everything in and on her, too. There is a fine line with that.

-Strength. Due to the cybernetics, Digger is abnormally strong. She can’t lift cars but she smash a hole in one.
-High endurance. Again, the tech allows her to last for long periods of time without much food, water, or rest. She can also take a pretty nasty hit.
-Digger has advanced knowledge of machinery and can fix/ build mechanical type stuff.

-Shovel: Solid steel shovel. Digger uses this the most in combat.
-Tech-Miner: Two handle shaped devices that send out a beam of light and shape it into a tool. Digger usually has it shaped like an arrow, but it can also be a pick-axe, hoe, a hammer, and other simple shapes.
The light from the TM is really hot. So hot that it is capable of burning through close to anything. The more solid an object is, the longer it takes. (ie, the TM will go through wood, dirt and flesh like butter, but Steel, diamond and the like, could take a while.)
*The TM is battery powered. It can charge from being plugged in or being set in the sun. Making it very easy to charge but even so, they do not last long on a full charge. Digger uses them as a last resort.
*The light can bounce off of reflective surfaces, and still burn. However, the longer the beam, the weaker it gets.
*Digger has to be holding them, in her hands, to work.

-3rd Eye: A small camera inside of a floating orb. Digger sends it out in order to see the field from different angles.

-4th Eye: Three small orbs that float around and send information back to Digger. The information includes but is not limited to: Temperature, land type, vital signs, and potential hazards/advantages.
`Green light means Scan complete and sent
`Yellow means scanning
`Red means there is an error (trouble scanning area, can't connect to digger, low power etc.)
*Both types of orbs are solar powered and work best in open areas, but they do also work in forests, caves and builds, just not as well and not as long. They do not work under water.
*Both types last a fairly long time on full charge.
-Bucket Hat: Diggers bucket hat is not just a hat. It is where she receives the information from the orbs, and can control where they go.
The hat connects to Diggers brain through a magnetic port on her forehead. From there the information is given directly to her brain.
It also connects to the TMs and tells it what Diggers wants.
*The Hat has been known to cause headaches and nose bleeds. Usually happens when there is a problem connecting or too much info at once.
*Electric attacks directly to the hat does the most damage out of anything.

Name: Harrison
Age: Physically: 8, Mentally: 25
Gender: ….Male…..ish
Height: His head is about 25”in circumference…. About the same size as Digger’s head, little longer.
Weight: 15.5 lbs

Personality: (ENTJ)
-Harrison doesn’t particularly enjoy being left alone. He starts to worry about other people after a while.
*He is/was a peace keeper/bodygaurd. Worrying about people is his job.
-Being as paranoid as he is, Harrison will come up with just about anything that could happen, and plan ways to make sure it either doesn’t happen or that there will be a way to fix things if it does.
*While Digger is walking around he will tell her different things that are around them in cause she needs something or he needs to charge. Not that Digger is actually listening to him.
-Seeing as he does not have real emotions, Harrison faces problems with logic rather than feeling. In fact, all of the emotion he does portray is simply what he thinks is appropriate for the time.
-Harrison hates to procrastinate.

-Pretty much everything….. Because of Digger, Harrison has no body, and therefore, no way to defend himself.
-Due to the damage Digger did, some of Harrison’s dives have been cracked. Because of this, Harrison has short term memory problems and occasionally crashes. Sometimes he will start right back up, other times it may take a minute.

-Hacking: Harrison has two functioning USB ports and a USP plug hidden behind a slider door on the back of his head. With that, he is still capable of hacking into computers. He just can’t save the information to himself, he has to dictate it to someone who cares or print it out (if there is a printer available)
-Talking to Digger: He still has speakers, cameras, microphones, and radio. So, he can send and receive info straight to Digger if he needs to.
-Shock: Depending on how charged he is, Harrison can send a middle shock to whomever is holding him.
*The holder has to be touching the metal (non-black) parts.
*Does not work if battery is low.
-Charging: Harrison is mainly solar powered at this point, but he can also take power from anything with a USB port.
*The solar panels are the two things that look like headphone bands.
-With Diggers permission, Harrison is capable of tapping into the signal Digger sends out to her devices. Thus allowing him to control the 4th eyes, 3rd eye, and the shape of the TM.
*Digger can kick him off at any time.
-Calming Digger down: As stated before, Harrison knows how to get Digger to calm back down. Harrison recorded a story that Gabby (a little girl that followed Digger around, recently went missing) wrote. Gabby wrote the story as a "thank you" present to Digger.
* The recording is in Gabby's voice.
*The story is about a wizard named "Sandman" who saved the princess of the blue forest from the ruby serpent.... Gabby was eight when she wrote it.
*If you can convince Harrison to use it, Digger will sit still long enough for you to finish the match.


~Harrison's eyes can display anything so long as it is one color. (along with black)
*His eyes can also change color. But again, only one color on the screen at a time.

~Digger was the one who ripped Harrison’s head off.

~Harrison and Digger are not particularly fond of one another, and will often disagree on what to do.

~Digger was give the Soul rings by a snake while hiding. (as see in the preliminary for TOR )

~Digger's real name is Katherine or "Kat" for short, and Harrison knows this.... It annoys Digger.
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